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SIAM CUISINE, established in July of 2013, is a locally owned and operated restaurant by Natchaya Saengsri. Siam Cuisine specializes in authentic Thai cuisine heavily influenced by the flavors of Thailand. The restaurant prides itself on craftsmanship and paying homage to the time honored culinary traditions of the regions that influence the menu. Some staples of the menu are Tom Yum Gai, Pad Thai, and the Pumpkin Curry. Siam Cuisine offers a warm atmosphere and is among one of the favorite restaurants to dine in Truckee for locals and out of town visitors alike.

Natchaya Saengsri, Chef cook

Summer Grill

Pad Thai

(chicken or Tofu)

Lunch Specials $8.95 Select any one of the thirteen following entrees. Comes with daily appetizer, daily soup (dine-in only) and salad

  • Garlic Chicken

    Sauteed chicken with broccoli, mushroom, and carrots
  • Cashew Chicken

    Sauteed chicken with celery, carrots, onions, and cashew in the brown sauce
  • Spicy Basil Chicken

    Stir-fried ground chicken with fresh chili, garlic, bell peppers, bamboo, mushrooms, green bean, and fresh basil
  • Beef Oyster Sauce

    Stir-fried beef with broccoli, mushroom, onions, and bell peppers, with oyster sauce  
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Menu Dinner Menu

Seafood Dishes

Shrimp Asparagus
Stir-fried shrimp, asparagus, mushroom, and garlic with oyster sauce. $14.95
Scallop Asparagus
Stir-fried scallop, asparagus, mushroom, and garlic, with oyster sauce.$14.95
Garlic Shrimp
Stir-fried shrimp in garlic sauce with mushrooms, broccoli, and carrots.$13.95
Shrimp Sweet Chili
Stir-fried shrimp, bell peppers, onions, garlic, chilies and fresh basil in Thai sauce.$13.95
Shrimp Love Scallop
Shrimp and scallop, snow peas, asparagus, and mushrooms in an oyster sauce.$16.95

Curry Dishes

Red Curry
Choice of chicken, pork, tofu or beef with bamboo shoots, broccoli, bell peppers, fresh basil, in red curry $11.95
Pumpkin Red Curry
Chicken and shrimp, pumpkin, bell peppers, basil, and coconut milk in red curry.$14.95
Panang Curry
Choice of chicken, pork, tofu, or beef with baby corn, broccoli, lime leaves, and coconut milk in Panang curry.$11.95
Duck Grlled Curry
Roasted duck, Thai chili, tomatoes, pineapple, basil, and coconut milk in red curry$15.95
Masaman Curry
Choice of chicken, pork, tofu, or beef with potatoes, yellow onions, peanut and coconut milk in Masaman curry.$11.95

From the Pan

Spicy Basil
Stir fried ground meat with fresh chili peppers, garlic, bell pepper, bamboo shoots, mushroom, yellow onions, green bean, and basil$10.95
Sweet and Sour (Prew Wan)
Stir-fried yellow onion, cucumber, bell peppers, pineapple, tomatoes and scallion in sweet and sour sauce $10.95
Sauteed Vegetables
Sauteed with garlic and mixed vegetables in brown sauce.$10.95
Pad Pik Khing
Stir fried with prink khing paste, string bean, red bells, and lime leaf.$10.95
Beef Oyster Sauce
Stir fried beef with broccoli, mushroom,bell pepper, and onions in oyster sauce$11.95



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Best Thai food in Truckee! $8.95 Lunch Specials Mon-Fri. Family style dinner service. Dine in or order to go. Fast, friendly service. We can cook all kinds of our food are vegetarian.
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